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blog posts and updates


articles about groundhog day resolutions
Feb 14
GHDR Boot Day 12/12: Two Quotes and a Newsletter
Feb 13
GHDR Boot Day 11/12: Reducing Scope
Feb 12
GHDR Boot Day 10/12: A Selfishly Sri Instrument for Assessing Interest
Feb 11
GHDR Boot Day 9/12: Trying on Big Quotes
Feb 10
GHDR Boot Day 7-8: A Refined Word Cloud
Feb 08
GHDR Boot Day 6/12: Pebbles, Seeds, and Rings
Feb 07
GHDR Boot Day 5/12: Cloud Vision Break
Feb 06
GHDR Boot Day 4/12: Vision Break
Feb 05
GHDR Boot Day 3/12: Creating a Documentation Site
Feb 04
GHDR Boot Day 2/12: Diagramming The Colony
Feb 03
GHDR Boot Day 1/12: Refining Directives and Tangible Goals
Feb 02
Groundhog Day Resolutions 2024 Kickoff: Building The Colony
Dec 12
GHDR Report 1212: Strategic Horizons Hits and Misses
Nov 11
GHDR Report 1111: Enlightened and Unmasked
Oct 10
GHDR Report 1010: High-Octane Interactions
Sep 09
GHDR Report 0909: Choosing Well
Aug 08
GHDR Report 0808: Dropping Emphasis for Action
Jul 07
GHDR Report 0707: In Pursuit of Community
Jun 06
GHDR Report 0606: Community Precedes Execution
May 05
GHDR Report 0505: Steady as Sri Goes!
May 02
Glossary: Groundhog Day Report
Apr 04
GHDR Report 0404: Comparative Challenges
Mar 03
GHDR Report 0303: Mitigating Executive Distraction
Feb 02
Groundhog Day Resolutions 2023: Kickoff!
Jan 31
GHDR 2022 Year Summary
Jan 31
GHDR 2023 Year Summary
Dec 12
GHDR 2022 December Report: A New Roadmap
Nov 30
GHDR Note: On "Lacking Relatability"
Nov 17
GHDR Note: Cold Hard Sri-nalysis
Nov 11
GHDR 2022 November Report: Battling Impairment, Finding Heart
Oct 10
GHDR 2022 October 10 Report: Fighting the System, Letting it Be
Oct 04
Note: Framework for GHDR 2022 Goals
Sep 15
Focus on EShop 07-10: Stalled Again
Sep 11
Focus on EShop 04-06: Other Priorities
Sep 09
GHDR 2022 September 9 Report: Progress in Four Phases
Sep 08
Focus on EShop 02-03: Surprise Inventory and Services!
Sep 06
Focus on EShop 01: Digging into the Muck
Sep 05
Focus on EShop: Well, Maybe Tomorrow
Sep 04
GHDR Reboot 027: Reboot Complete!
Sep 03
GHDR Reboot 026: A Weekend without Adderall
Sep 02
GHDR Reboot 025: Pagespeed and Sketchmaps
Sep 01
GHDR Reboot 024: Technical Site Updates
Aug 31
GHDR Reboot 023: Defining Operational Goals
Aug 30
GHDR Reboot 019-022: Debugging A Productivity Stall
Aug 26
GHDR Reboot 014-018: Stalling and Recovering
Aug 25
Note: Archetypes & Constellations
Aug 25
Thoughts on Goal Setting
Aug 21
GHDR Reboot 013: Rethinking Autism Diagnosis
Aug 20
GHDR Reboot 012: The Missing Constellation
Aug 19
GHDR Reboot 011: Can't Dodge the Hard Stuff
Aug 18
GHDR Reboot 010: Mistakes Were Made
Aug 17
GHDR Reboot 009: Where the Lizard Brain Roams
Aug 16
GHDR Reboot 008: Revisiting Old Ideas with Old Friends
Aug 15
GHDR Reboot 007: Remembering Things Take Time
Aug 14
GHDR Reboot 004-006: Weekend Stimming
Aug 11
GHDR Reboot 003: Tackling bills, Daily Logging Day 2
Aug 10
GHDR Reboot 002: Creative Habit Kickstarting
Aug 09
GHDR Reboot 001: Establishing a New Routine
Aug 08
GHDR 2022 August 8 Report: Setting Strategic Horizons
Jul 07
GHDR 2022 July 7 Report: Back to Meeee!
Jun 06
GHDR 2022 June 6 Report: Too Much Work
May 05
GHDR 2022 May 5 Report: Much Mental Processing
Apr 04
GHDR 2022 April 4 Report: Working Through the List
Mar 13
Groundhog Day Resolutions
Mar 03
GHDR 2022 March 3 Report: Focus Level Up!
Feb 02
GHDR 2022 Goal Change Log
Feb 02
Groundhog Day Resolutions 2022: Kickoff!
Feb 02
Index of All GHDR Posts


exploratory adventures & activities


idioms, expressions, Sri-isms
Accrual Log
Adventurous Creativity
All the Animals are Friends!
Alone with People
Chronos and Kairos
Concrete Deliverable
Consuming versus Creating
Continuity Log
Creative Independence
Creative Interdependence
Difficulty vs Uncertainty
ELBS versus ASAP
Explore Learn Build Share (ELBS)
Factory-Style Productivity
Fear of Leaving Out (FOLO)
Fear of Losing Information (FOLI)
Fifteen Minute Blocks
Frustrated Creative
Gathering Style Productivity
GHDR Overgoal
Happy Bubble Time
Head Canon
Hermit Mode
Hyperplexic Communication
Ideas are Cheap
If You Knew the Answer, What Would It Be?
Introverted Intuitive (INXX)
Maker Mindset versus Manager Mindset
Naming Demons
Operational Experiments
Patterns vs Principles
Pickle Jar
Practical Magic
Project Scope
Relentless Productivity
Seeds, Primers, and Kits
Singular (Intentional) Focus
Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast
Soundboarding / Rubber ducking
Sri's "Investigative Design" Process
Sri's "Scientific Creative Method"
Strategic Horizons
Strategic Piles
Stream of Consciousness (SOC) Log
Structured Procrastination
Superlative Experience
Taxonomy of Tasks
The Colony (WIP)
The Crushing Tree
The Dreamlike Now
The Four Agreements
The Karmic Boomerang
The Little Red Hen
The Public Square
The Third Place
The Tribe
The Tribe (Context)
The Universe Can Not React Unless You Put Something Into It
The Zone
Time Blindness
Tool: Concrete Goals Tracker (CGT)
Trickle-Down Energy Model
Two By Two Tasking Model
Two Slots + Aux Model
Virtual Coworking
Visceral Immediacy


thoughts or ideas to remember


qualitative conceptual models


working examples, treasures, and useful lore


ready-to-use tools or materials


ready-to-use finished works and goods

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information about The Colony

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