(WIP) Warlock "Soul Tag" (Solar 3.0)

Posted Saturday, July 1, 2023 by Sri. Tagged MEMO, GAMECARD

Soul Tag Synergies

Built around Briarbinds Exotic that improves VOID SOULS. The key loop is for maintaining WEAKEN through deploying grenades and void souls. With fast-enough class regen, you can deploy multiple void souls by collecting them and reusing them, refreshing their timer.

  • Throw grenade to proc GRENADE KICKSTART (+GRN)
  • Use powered melee to proc IMPACT INDUCTION (+GRN)
  • Cast rift to proc BOMBER (+GRN)
  • Use VOID SOUL to drain enemies, granting +GRN and +MELEE
  • Repeat

The "Soul Tag" is a test build based on Maven's Briarbinds Video, since she said it makes end-game content less difficult and more versatile than Controverse Hold.

The Loop


  • Throw


  • Stay airborne and rapidly kill "Scorched" targets for melee, grenade, orbs, and health.
  • Armor Charge grants 10% damage buff to weapons affected by siphon mod.
Game screen capture of Sri's Destiny 2 WarlockGame screen capture of Sri's Destiny 2 Warlock (full size image)

The Loadout

Exotic Armor Piece

  • Claws of Ahamkara - Grants a second Melee charge and have intrinsic "Heavy Handed" mod to generate Orbs on powered melee kill

Subclass Setup

The "Soul Tag" build is designed proc the "Scorch" debuff as often as possible through charge melee and weapons. The selected Aspects support this through multiple energy regeneration procs based on kills, especially when they are made while airborne! The build still works when sticking to the ground, but airborne kills increase ability uptime substantially.


  • Super - Well of Radiance increases weapon damage, shields, reduces knockback.
  • Charged Melee - Incinerator Snap to apply "Scorch" with a fan of 10 short-ranged bolts each applying 20 stacks of ScorchA scorched target takes damage over time for a period of time, with more stacks doing more damage. If the number of stacks exceeds 100, Ignition happens..
  • Grenade - Firebolt Grenade lightly applies "Scorch" to targets within a 15m radius (


  • Feed the Void - (1) Kill with void ability activates DEVOUR (2) DEVOUR effects are improved.
  • Child of the Old Gods - (1) Cast Rift to create VOID SOUL. Shoot target to send VOID SOUL which will (2a) damage over time and apply WEAKEN (2b) grant grenade and melee energy. (3) Kill drained target before it dies to get class energy.


  • Echo of Provision - Damage with grenade grants melee energy (3% per damage instance)
  • Echo of Undermining - Grenades WEAKEN targets (5 seconds)
  • Echo of Instability - Grenade kills grant VOLATILE ROUNDS to void weapons (11 seconds)
  • Echo of Harvest - Kill WEAKENED to create ORB (2.5% super) and VOID BREACH

Weapon Loadout


  • weapon - type w/ perks reason


Armor and Seasonal Artifact Mods


  • Helmet: Harmonic Siphon (rapid kills generate Orbs)
  • Arms: Bolstering Detonation (class energy on grenade damage), Grenade Kickstart (on grenade use, convert armor charge to 16-28% grenade energy), Impact Induction (powered melee 12% grenade energy)
  • Chest: Whatever resistance you want
  • Legs: Innervation (Orbs GrenadeCD 10%), Insulation (Orbs ClassCD 4%), Stacks on Stacks (2x armor charge pickup)
  • Class: Bomber (Class GrenadeCD 12%), Outreach (Class MeleeCD 12%), Reaper (Rift+Kill grant Orb)

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