About the Site

For work predating 2022, visit davidseah.com

This website is an open journal and personal knowledge management system (PKMS). As of January 2024, the site is organized around four main menu sections.

1. Journal

Dated blog posts reporting on my activities and related thoughts. There's two sections:


Blog posts, mostly announcments.


Monthly Groundhog Day Resolutions reports, covering 2022 onward.The older posts from 2007-2021 are on my old davidseah.com site.

2. Expeditions, Etc.

This section consists of four subcategories, collecting the "active work" since starting this website in 2022.


Exploration-focused experiments, prototypes, and collected materials (equivalent to "projects")


Treasures, curiosities, and interesting lore collected through an Expedition. (jumble of "working notes", "prototypes", and "deliverables")


Utilities, recipes, etc that help with Expeditions both future and past.


The good standalone works that I think can provide immediate utility, packaged for ease of use.

3. Concepts

This is a currated reference library of methodologies, patterns, taxonomies, and conceptual models that help me understand and manipulate the world. This is my wheel house!

There are several subcategories here:


Notes about specific experiences, products, or people that caught my interest.


General research on a particular topic that I'm exploring.


Opinionated reviews on specific experiences or products.

4. Tropes

I've made-up a lot of terms over the years throughout my writing. I've started collecting their definitions to help readers explore them more deeply and for use as a glossary of recurring terminology. While a lot of it is rather subjective and attuned to my own needs, I try to explain the ideas for a general audience.

In addition to tropes, there are three other subcategories:


Opinionated examples of stuff that I think is truly well-designed and great.


Ideas that pop into my head that I think are great, but am forced to save for later.


Like tropes, but extremely specific to me and the way I think.

Data Collection Policy

This website does not collect or process personal data. However, <iframe> embeds for video players (e.g. YouTube) will insert trackers. I'm in the process of replacing them with static images. I've outlined more specifics in a privacy policy.



I'm using Eleventy, a static site generator that converts Markdown documents into HTML with powerful templating. I like it way more than Hugo and Jekyll. I've added a lot of custom Javascript extensions. The custom theme uses a TufteCSS as a base, with additional navigational elements added through Eleventy's extension mechanism. I use rsync to push all the static files to my web host.


I'm using Opalstack (affiliate link), a really great developer-oriented host at a good price. It's the improved spiritual successor to WebFaction!


I'm now using Google Fonts, having selected Merriweather as my replacement serif and Roboto for the sans-serif (replacing Proxima Nova Condensed). I like this combination, and Google Fonts is better engineered than Adobe TypeKit.


Social Media Icons from freepik.com. GitHub and Discord logos are sourced from their company media kits. Mastodon logo Jin Nguyen, AGPL, via Wikimedia Commons.


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