This file is used to keep track of what I'm doing when I need to write something down. I use a format like this in my freelance, maintaining a "continuity log" where I am writing notes as I'm thinking, then distilling them into a summary. Sections may be moved to their own reference entries elsewhere.

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Thinking for Saturday

What's on my mind? Gonna dump it out on paper. Key ideas:

Solving disconnection/relatability - Before I was feeling sad about not being understood when I tried to explain myself, and felt that I was not understood because people ultimately only care about what they are themselves interested in or socially required. But, I know this is false as there ARE people out there who genuinely are interested in connecting, but they may not know how.

Instead of emitting communication and fearfully testing for acceptance/rejection after only one or two exchanges, I can be the mayor and modulate information flow according to the capabilities of the receiver in a kind of protocol negotiation, which is something I do know how to do in the business sense thanks to my ability to simulate people based on scant input, then apply negotiation tactics so I can make the situation as win-win as possible given what compatibility can be established. It is like a modem negotiating the possible highest bandwidth using the accessible channels in the available spectrum of common interests/experiences to facilitate meaninful data exchange. The key metric is to establish some kind of data flow, but expect this will vary wildly and the average connection quality will be limited by lowest-common-denominator experience "experiential codecs". This is a more complicated model but it is more resistant to dropped connections, whereas giving up. It's also an iterative learning approach, as more is learned about the other person and incorporated into the general models identified and specific facts/details that provide the shaping context.

This same modulation can be applied to my writing. In this case, it's a multi-band approach. There's the basic coding of 4th-grade level English that serves as the fundamental communication, and then there is the higher resolution words and concepts that are interwoven between them, Level 2 would be relatable Sri personality, Level 3 is the weeds of required advanced scientific or technical knowledge or Sri facts that a reader may recall. Level 4 content is Sri-specific emotional theory, personal details, and illustrative examples and stories. Level 5 are the conceptual models themselves that Sri uses decribed in detail. Level 6 is the inter-relatedness of all prior levels as it relates to the reader in a deeply relatable way. This maybe also roughly correspond to the protocols I was talking about; together levels 1 through 6 are "the protocol". This writing, for example, is Level 6 in its content but not structured in a way to help a reader "negotiate the protocol" as a good essay would.

Reasons for lack of relatability - I am pretty certain I'm on the autistic spectrum and have unusual optimism of the heart (easily wounded but defiant that choosing to continue to be optimistic is preferable) coupled with a variant of intelligence that seeks non-obvious implied connections between conceptual models that are constantly formed and refined. What I see is the shapes of conceptual models from which I can infer aspects of reality that are invisible by people who see things as they are in front of them and respond in a patterned way without questioning what is driving the response other than emotion. My autism, however, processes both the world, my thoughts, and my emotions through a complicated conceptual modeling network that uses emotions as the primary motivator/decider in an adversarial strategy that compares the quality of memory, knowledge, experience, and reported experiences by others to arrive at two values: is this something that I feel is good, as compared to the arbitrary rules of Magical Srialism, and how certain am I that the conclusion is empirically true under specific scenarios. If the certainty is low, then can an experiment be constructed that adds data, and is this experiment possible to conduct with our current energy, time availability, and cognitive performance limits? If it is not known, if the experiment and pending conclusion has high value within the realm of Magical Srialism then this anticipation may be enough to start, but maintaining momentum and reaching conclusion requires considerable outside focusing energy. The general desire is to perform the experiment; the challenge is to not lose the original reason to do it and how its conclusion fits within the realm of strategic planning, strategic assessment, operational goal setting, operations, and resource management. It's a lot.

What is Magical Srialism - I think can be the basis of how I describe the kind of writing I do. In my world view, writing is my most natural way of communicating for the purpose of creating desirable change and gathering like-minded people together to create it together in a nurturing and supportive environment of sharing and caring. Sri is, idealistically, thinking of herself as an author/architect of an alternate better environment, much the way a game designer looks at the world as inter-relating system. There are various levels of empowerment in magical srialism: recognizing the rules of the world you are in, following the rules of the world for sake of personal security, perceiving the systems and models underlying, finding ways of exploiting or applying rules in unexpected ways, hacking the system, building system improvements, designing improved systems, provisioning resources to build systems to last and maintain them, growing and democratizing a culture that supports this in the All Animals Are Friends way in a resilient self-guiding way.

Writing is more - While writing is my fundamental medium, authoring applies to multiple communication channels but is not limited to communication. If Sri thinks of communication as a way to create desirable change, it is maybe the same as the ability to create carriers for real change; communication is the conveyence of intent, and change is impact of intent on the world if it is successfully delivered. So, writing would also applies to the system building and engineering too, as these convey. Writing in this way is another aspect of design, which itself is a form of applied thinking with the purpose of expressing and directing change.

Sri is an aspiring author/architect of alternate realities that she would like to live in with her like-minded colleague, kept at a scale that is sustainable by its population and maybe can learn to self-correct itself through communication and procedures for managing disagreement without suspicion and fear. "I feel like this" and being able to negotiate disagreement with a "grow the pie over time" approach and a "seeds" and "people come and go" attitude. This is not a structure that is built to be powerful or last forever based on enforcement of law, but is perhaps a persistently pleasant fungus that grows on the shady side of a host civilization, having a role as innovation center and sanctuary for weirdos who believe in Magical Srialism. Pragmatically, Magical Srialism is not all powerful, but it can have tremendous leverage and influence through its works and capabilities in the hands of its capable denizens.