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2022 Nov30
GHDR Note: On "Lacking Relatability"
2022 Nov17
GHDR Note: Cold Hard Sri-nalysis
2022 Nov09
Journal: Reluctant Awakenings and Self-Doubt
2022 Oct04
Note: Framework for GHDR 2022 Goals
2022 Sep25
The Zero-Sum Continuum
2022 Sep20
Sri's ADHD Reasons For Regular Scheduling
2022 Sep15
Focus on EShop 07-10: Stalled Again
2022 Sep11
Focus on EShop 04-06: Other Priorities
2022 Sep08
Focus on EShop 02-03: Surprise Inventory and Services!
2022 Sep06
Focus on EShop 01: Digging into the Muck
2022 Sep05
Focus on EShop: Well, Maybe Tomorrow
2022 Sep04
GHDR Reboot 027: Reboot Complete!
2022 Sep03
GHDR Reboot 026: A Weekend without Adderall
2022 Sep02
GHDR Reboot 025: Pagespeed and Sketchmaps
2022 Sep01
GHDR Reboot 024: Technical Site Updates
2022 Aug31
GHDR Reboot 023: Defining Operational Goals
2022 Aug30
GHDR Reboot 019-022: Debugging A Productivity Stall
2022 Aug26
GHDR Reboot 014-018: Stalling and Recovering
2022 Aug25
Note: Archetypes & Constellations
2022 Aug25
Note: Goal Setting
2022 Aug21
GHDR Reboot 013: Rethinking Autism Diagnosis
2022 Aug20
GHDR Reboot 012: The Missing Constellation
2022 Aug19
GHDR Reboot 011: Can't Dodge the Hard Stuff
2022 Aug18
GHDR Reboot 010: Mistakes Were Made
2022 Aug17
GHDR Reboot 009: Where the Lizard Brain Roams
2022 Aug16
GHDR Reboot 008: Revisiting Old Ideas with Old Friends
2022 Aug15
GHDR Reboot 007: Remembering Things Take Time
2022 Aug14
GHDR Reboot 004-006: Weekend Stimming
2022 Aug11
GHDR Reboot 003: Tackling bills, Daily Logging Day 2
2022 Aug10
GHDR Reboot 002: Creative Habit Kickstarting
2022 Aug09
GHDR Reboot 001: Establishing a New Routine
2022 Jul13
Creative Procrastination Spiral
2022 May23
ADHD Brain Fog Journal: Sunday, May 22 2022
2022 Mar20
Website Progress Note 001
2022 Jan01
New Year, New Website

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