Syndication Feed Updates (and GHDR Updates)

Posted Monday, March 6, 2023 by Sri. Tagged JOURNAL

Monday, March 6, 2023.

As I announced on, I've stopped use of Feedburner to handle email newsletters and feed statistics. If you are currently receiving emails for this Journal section, they will stop working sometime soon. The company that has taken over Feedburner has raised prices considerably and seems to have the service on life support; I'd rather spend my money with a company that is actively developing its products.

The replacement feed is a regular atom field at and should continue to work, though formatting may change in your feed reader. I will continue to point to whatever is the the current syndication source.

I've made some additional improvements too!

  • There's a new Groundhog Day Resolutions feed now, separate from the Journal! Subscribe to it at

  • Both the Journal and GHDR feeds now only update when an article is marked as final. Previously, all versions would be published no matter what the working state of it was, and content could change freqently. If you want to see the latest drafts, you can still come to the site directly and check out the listings directly.

Hopefully these are not hugely inconvenient. I may be looking into Substack as an alternative for publishing "finished works" (such as they are), retaining this site as the place where I do my rough thinking.

Speaking of Groundhog Day Resolutions:

The March 3rd Report is up, but still in draft form. You can go read it from the GHDR section in its current state, or wait for the Atom feed to publish it once it hits FINAL. If you're curious, the editorial phases I've implemented are stub, outline, draft, draft_2, draft_3, final, review. This status is reflected in the subtitle of each article on the website except for final so it looks nice and clean :-)