Welcome to my website! This is the sister site to davidseah.com using Wordpress since 2015! This site, by comparison, is using Eleventy as the basis for an all-in-one open journal and knowledge management system. More information about the tech stack is on the about page.

Content Overview

This website is my personal knowledge management system, designed both as a "thinking space" and a "project space". The About page describes the organizing principles of the site.

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds of content here:

  • The work I do is shared as in the spirit of having an Open Workshop where anyone can inspect what I'm working on. It's organized around Expeditions, Artifacts, and Tools as well as the Releases that I think are ready for public consumption.

  • To support my work I also maintain a Reference section that is filled with stuff that I think is inportant. Tropes are a collection of patterns I have observed. Memos collect information I've captured elsewhere. Concepts are opinated guides to useful mental models.

  • The Journal is where "day in the life of Sri" posts go. They summarize recent work, ideas, and whatever interesting things come to mind.

All files sorted in order of creation are in All Pages Index. The last few files that were edited are in Updates.

Getting Updates

You can subscribe to the journal entries through my main site feed. For GHDR posts, use this atom feed.

You can also see recent updates by clicking on the link just below the masthead. This always lists the last 30 or so updated files; a smaller list appears on the right as recently updated files. These files are often works-in-progress and may not yet be "reader friendly". If the EDIT STATUS bar appears below the article masthead, that will show its current state. If there is no bar, then the article has been finalized.