Welcome to my website! This is the sister site to davidseah.com using Wordpress since 2015! This site, by comparison, is using Eleventy as the basis for an all-in-one open journal and knowledge management system. More information about the tech stack is on the about page.

What's New?

I've started writing daily journal entries again! You can directly subscribe with a feed reader or email newsletter through this FeedPress syndication link.

New entries are constantly being added or modified. You can see the recent content updates link to see what's changed. The link is also located below the site masthead at the top of the page.

Content Overview

I'm actively testing this site as my daily knowledge management system, adding and tweaking features as I need them. Links are changing all the time, so you may want to wait before linking any content here.

In the meantime, you can get an advance peek at what I'm working on:

  • The Project page has notes on current projects I'm working on. They aren't very complete as they are works in progress.

  • The Journal page is where "day in the life of Sri" posts go, summarizing work and insights as I used to do on the old blog. This is also available as an RSS feed.

  • The About page describes the organizing principles of the site as other information such as the privacy policy and technology I'm using.

  • All files sorted in order of creation are in All Pages Index. The last few files that were edited are in Updates.