About DSri Seah

I'm a non-binary Taiwanese-American living in Southern New Hampshire near Boston. I like cats, regional foods, style, and the evolution of designed objects. I see the world as a collection of conceptual models are fun to remix. My overarching goal is to create a self-sustaining community of curious, conscientious, positive-minded, self-empowered, competent, generous, and kind people...it would great to hang out and surprise ourselves with what we are able to make!

I go by the name DSri (also spelled Sri and pronounced like sreeee) though David is still my legal name. I greatly appreciate being referred to with they/their/them pronouns...thanks!

Stuff I Like

I write about productivity and personal development as I try out different entrepreneurial paths. Along the way I've made visual thinking tools like The Emergent Task Planner and The Compact Calendar, which you can find on my productivity tools page.

I'm broadly interested in thinking tools, creative synthesis, conceptual mapping, and multi-sensory approaches to user interface/experience design. However, I'm really driven to understand the emotional barriers one faces when creating in the face of uncertainty so I can devise sneaky ways to get around them.

My background is in visual design and computer programming. I enjoy talking about concept modeling, media techniques in realtime computing systems, and the process of creating anything novel and new. I'm gathering all these thoughts here on dsriseah.com, which is also my prototype personal knowledge management system. You can read more about that on the about page.

Connecting with Me

For a complete list of social media locations, see my social links page

To get an idea of what's on my mind, check out the recent updates and journal links here. These are my most-used online social media sites:

For real-time communication, you can find me at the DS|CAFE Coworking Discord.

Contextual References

You can also get an overview of my old work through the links below; since 2013 I have mostly been working with learning science researchers in a systems programming role. If you're interested in chatting about anything, try messaging me via one of the above platforms! My Mastodon account is where I'm now posting my most current thoughts on social media.

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