Got Burning Questions for Sri?

Posted Thursday, March 9, 2023 by Sri. Tagged JOURNAL

Thursday, March 9, 2023.

I've been thinking a lot about how to reach people who might enjoy building things with me, and that has me thinking again about live streaming and podcasting. My friend Mroo has been experimenting with this too, so I'm using this shared sense of connection to nudge me toward solo podcasting myself. It will be good media training for me, and also give me something to look forward to in discussion with Mroo! As someone with ADHD, I have to create a lot of dopamine-producing situations to look forward to, otherwise it's extremely hard to get things done.

Anyway, I've made a list of preliminary questions that I think could work as a substitute for scripted audio, but it occurred to me that other people probably could ask me something that would be super interesting! I love working though questions with people, so any readers out there who have a burning question (PG-rated, please) on any subject, just ask me! I just remembered that there is no way to leave comments on this website currently, so if you've got a question try messaging me on mastodon, patreon, or twitter.

It'll be fun! I'm not sure if I'll share the audio I record publicly, but I promise to share the results with whoever asked me the question. E