Privacy Policy

Posted Thursday, March 10, 2022 by Sri. Tagged ABOUT does not collect personal data

This website ( does not collect "personal data" (as I see it defined by Art.4 GDPR). This may change in the future for the purposes of content subscriptions, discussion forums/chat rooms, and/or financial transactions. This policy will be updated should any new service be put into use.

GDPR compliance

I believe is currently compliant with GDPR requirements with respect to notification of use of "personal data" because I don't collect any.

That said, I currently do use two external services that collect data, but as far as I can determine it is not "personal data":


GoatCounter is "an open source web analytics platform" that "aims to offer easy to use and meaningful privacy-friendly web analytics". I use this to get an idea of what page content is being read, but not to track who is reading it. The GoatCounter privacy policy goes into further detail about how the use of GoatCounter "probably does not" require a GDPR consent for.

Google Fonts

updated March 19, 2023. I'm using Google's font content delivery network (CDN) for speed. However, this does mean that website visitors will be loading assets from the CDN, which includes the IP address, request URL, and browser user-agent string. This is just the nature of how web browsers work. Google claims they do NOT use this information to aggregate profiles of end user in their privacy FAQ.


On December 22, 2022 I noticed that Privacy Badger was catching YouTube embedded players (e.g. video player) as it inserted ad trackers and cookies. I'm in the process of replacing all these embeds with static images. The following URLs are currently affected.

  • /exemplar/bridge-city-tools
  • /exemplar/eurekazone-track-saw
  • /prototype/tufte-css
  • /exemplar/dearly-bethany
  • /exemplar/soniq-pi
  • /journal/2022/0811
  • /journal/2022/0826
  • /ghdr/2022/1111
  • /ghdr/2022/-summary
  • /squirk/diagnosis-adhd
  • /tool/obs-discord
  • /memo/executive-function-barkley