Tufte CSS Example

Posted Thursday, February 16, 2023 by Sri.Tagged ARTIFACT, STYLESHEET
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This is a port of the TufteCSS (with several adaptations) to the Eleventy static site generator build system. It's implemented as a bunch of custom shortcodes for Nunjucks templating.

Adapted from Dave Liepmann's Original

This is Sri's modification of Tufte CSS implemented with Hugo shortcodes in a Markdown file.

Markdown Tests

Markdown stuff like 'indent for code' works!

is real

New Stuff


my subtitle

Blockquote Example

Use {% Quote attrib=, url= %}...{% endQuote %} shortcode for Blockquotes!

[It is] notable that the Feynman lectures (3 volumes) write about all of physics in 1800 pages, using only 2 levels of hierarchical headings: chapters and A-level heads in the text. It also uses the methodology of sentences which then cumulate sequentially into paragraphs, rather than the grunts of bullet points. Undergraduate Caltech physics is very complicated material, but it didn’t require an elaborate hierarchy to organize.