GHDR Reboot 025: Pagespeed and Sketchmaps

Posted Friday, September 2, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

Friday, September 2, 2022.

My sleep patterns are still very erratic, and was only able to fall asleep around 6AM despite going to bed at midnight. I slept until 11AM, finally got through my "wakeup routine" by 1PM. Surprisingly, productivity hasn't been too bad! I've gotten the following things done before 4:45PM:

  • Figured out the "response image serving" to further improve my Pagespeed Rating for a typical page.
  • Added extended caching expiry and cross origin rules for the web fonts I'm now using, which also inproves Pagespeed.
  • Finally added direct urls to the updated entries page, which helps me find what I most recently worked on.
  • Added some help for excerpts and exclude from collections to the default "today's journal page" and "new topical page" command, so I don't have to look them up anymore.

While this is a pretty good day of achievement, the sleep issue is still troubling. I wonder if the adderall is keeping me up longer because I tend to take it later in the day, so as today's experiment I drank coffee instead to see if there is a difference in my night-time tiredness with this and adderall. I noticed then I was not able to fall asleep, my brain was still holding thoughts together pretty well. When I finally woke up, though, I found it very difficult to hold continuity in my thoughts.

So where was I in the other work of (looking it up) defining the overall strategy and goals and constellation and piles? I spent 30 minutes pulling it together into this rough sketch:

Combining strategic horizons, constellations, operations, archetypes...everything!sketchmap of recent thoughtssketchmap of recent thoughts (full size image)

I'm pretty excited about this because it incorporates a lot of things into a single visceral interactive model, but I'll let it percolate overnight and address it tomorrow.