(WIP) Arc Warlock Class Information

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Arc Verbs

Buff/Debuff Explanation
Amplified Movement and weapon handling increased. Rapidly defeat multiple targets with Arc damage.
Blind Combatants disoriented/cannot fire. Unstoppable Champions are stunned.
Jolt Combatants energized with Arc, addditional damage + chain lightning. Stun Overload champions.
Ionic Trace When picked up, grants grenade, melee, ability energy.

Pick a Super

Super Description

Pick Two Aspects

Aspect Description

Pick Four Fragments

Spark of Description Stat
Amplitude amplified :: Kill targets make ORB
Beacons amplified :: Arc weapon kills proc BLIND exposion
Brilliance blinded :: precision damage proc BLIND explosion INT+10
Discharge arc weapon :: kills may proc IONIC TRACE STR-10
Feedback on melee wound :: increases your own melee damage
Focus on sprint :: class ability regen REC-10
Frequency melee hit :: great increase reload speed
Haste on sprint :: great increase MOB, RES, REC
Instinct on crit wound :: emit JOLTing burst
Ions kill JOLTed :: create IONIC TRACE
Magnitutde lingering GRENADE have increased duration
Momentum sliding over ammo bricks :: reload weapon + melee energy
Recharge while crit wound :: melee + grenade regeneration
Resistance surrounded :: damage resistance STR+10
Shock grenades JOLT targets DSC-10
Volts finisher :: proc AMPLIFY REC+10

Pick a Grenade

Grenades Description
Skip Split on impact, multiple seekers.
Flux Attach and explode.
Arcbolt Chain lightning to nearby targets.
Pulse Periodic damage
Storm Call focused lighting storm.
Lightning Stick to surface, emit bolts

Pick a Powered Melee

Melee Description