Thoughts on Goal Setting

Posted Thursday, August 25, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

work in progress on "strategic goals"

I googled "strategic goals" and clicked on the first credible link that popped up. Here's a distilled version of their 4 parts of a "strategic planning goal" as opposed to an "operational goal" (the doing task that people get stuck on):

  1. Purpose-Driven: what values am I striving for? - Create a community for curious, self-empowered, positive-minded, conscientious, generous, kind people. Experimenting, Learning, Building, and Sharing are at the heart of this community's activities. In particular, being able to provide useful tools and processes to people who are neurodiverse or have non-traditional backgrounds looking to make a change. Also, learning to understand one's self and communicate that to others.

  2. Long-Term and Forward-Focused: what are the long-term objectives? - The process that creates the conditions where "creative independence" can form, so I can create and sell stuff I like. Then, being able to use this to "create a job" and "convey to others" using high-quality materials. Growing a resource base of concept models, documentation, seeding projects, startup kits, and primers to

  3. Actionable: operational goals that can be acted on - The specific projects and steps that fall under long-term objectives. It is something that can be defined as a step in a process that has an anticipated measurable result, or contributes materially to creating a real-world process that will produce the measurable result. This is where I struggle.

  4. Measurable: how progress and success is measured operationally - Progress is measured in time, and milestones are defined as what's delivered at a point in time. Success is measured by the artifacts counted/created upon delivery of a milestone. The strategic goal is fulfilled when all the actionable things have been marked as achieving their objective. In my case are the specific projects that result in something concrete: a new product, a new revenue channel, conversations with new people, a contracted activity, or communications media of some kind that spreads the values.