Posted Wednesday, November 30, 2022 by Sri. Tagged TROPE
EDITING PHASE:first draft

Creative acts like writing, drawing, making things, etc require a lot of time, but a good number of people believe that they should “wait for inspiration”. I think this is because they have expectation that if they are going to be good there will be no painful stuckness or friction. I was like this, and am still like this with a lot of things.The boring truth is that regular "doing" of a thing is the precursor to acquiring the skill to create the thing. Our society tends to emphasize the resulting thing as the laudable achievement, and glosses over the work itself as an abstract expression of willpower.

That said, you do need something like motivation to start, and for me the word intentfulness sums it up. I don't think it's an actual word, but I am riffing off mindfulness, which is being deliberately "present" in your actions and interactions. Intentfulness, by comparison, is the "holding on to an intent" so it guides and motivates actions.