Strategic Horizons

Posted Sunday, August 14, 2022 by Sri.Tagged TROPE
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A concept born of GHDR 2022 August, a Strategic Horizon is a formalization of the "distance dream goals" that I drew back in 2009, since I never really seem to do a good job setting a more specific goal and following through on it step-by-step. The hypothesis I had in 2022 is that I seem to do better improvising toward a set of goals that I find interesting and exciting; so long as I don't forget what they are I seem to productive in an unpredictable manner that still trends toward the goal. What I need to keep from happening is getting blinded by other concerns that take away from those goals.

excerpt from 2009 blog post World Domination: Master Vantage Pointdistant horizon with personal goalsdistant horizon with personal goals (full size image)

Put another way, my "Strategic Horizon" are a set of constellations to steer by. Back in 2009 this is what they read.

  • Community, Guilds, and Local Crafts
  • Electronic Media Tools Online
  • Physical Goods, Published Works
  • Rocket to the Moon!
  • Niche Design Business
  • Consulting & Coaching

In 2022 these constellations are somewhat different but I haven't yet defined them. On a related note, strategic piles might be an interesting extension of the horizon idea in 3D space.