Inheritance Models in Javascript

Posted Saturday, May 21, 2022 by Sri. Tagged MEMO
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Prototypal Single Inheritance

The original Javascript 1.0 model! All objects in Javascript inherit from a 'prototype' object, so you can "chain" objects together as you create them. In the old days you would directly set the __proto__ property, but modern JS provides a new API method Object.setPrototypeOf()

const ROOT = {
'GLOBAL': 'Global',
'agent': 'Agent'
const A = {
'Bees': 'Bees',
'Flowers': 'Flowers'
const B = {
'Magic': 'Magic'
Object.setPrototypeOf(A, ROOT);
Object.setPrototypeOf(B, A);

// prints Global, because B inherits from A which inherits from ROOT
console.log(B.GLOBAL); // value of GLOBAL is Global

// prints everything in the inheritance chain, because that's how the
// ancient key in object syntax works, and is not usually desirable
for (key in B) console.log(key); // GLOBAL, agent, Bees, Flowers, Magic

// prints only Magic, because Object.keys() only looks at 'own' properties