What is Sri-ness

Posted Wednesday, April 6, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK


Embodying Sri-ness is the best version of myself. I'm still defining what that is.

In my mind, Sri is a bright-eyed and enthusiastic spirit who likes to share what she likes, creating an empowering and exciting space with which to interact with people. She is the "host" of ELBS and of her tribe. Sri is excited by other people being excited and wants to create the conditions where passion and uniqueness in one's interests/reasons are not something to be judged. Sri likes it when people feel they can come out of their shell or drop the mask and connect with the energy of being able to make and share cool things. Sri-ness is the way that all of this is publicly expressed and communicated through choice of word, body language, and personal expression through clothing and media.

The process entails learning to be vulnerable, which means being willing to show aspects of myself without masking how I am actually feeling. It also means learning to let go of frustration and negativity that colors the way I express myself, because this is counter to the notion of Sri-ness.

One way I currently dodge vulnerability is by falling into an analytical mode, being serious about what I'm doing. This is a protective reflex that stems from childhood, being concerned about my level of competence and whether I could do anything that people valued.