The Little Red Hen

Posted Tuesday, October 11, 2022 by Sri. Tagged TROPE
EDITING PHASE:first draft

The story of The Little Red Hen is one of my very favorite fables, largely because I identify with the hen having to deal with lazy animals and doing all the work herself. As someone who feels sometimes taken advantage of by people who misrepresent their true willingness to commit, the tale resonates deeply.

In my headcanon, the fable reminds me that I need to be self-sufficient and maintain boundaries lest I be drained of my own resources by the lazy indifference of people who are all too happy to take from me without sharing in the effort. It's an uneasy balance.


In my past life, I recorded this audio supplement retelling the story. I can barely stand listening to my male voice, but taken in isolation it's a funny listen because I so-relish the hen's rewarding herself.