Adventurous Creativity

Posted Monday, December 11, 2023 by Sri. Tagged TROPE
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Making things that are novel, useful, and personally meaningful is my baseline goal, and I am constantly frustrated by my lack of progress in create concrete results that can be seen and shared; I measure my personal productivity by what I can make.

There are two philosophical frameworks I have use to overcome the uncertainty that suppresses my ability to create:

With the advent of my AuDHD diagnosis, I've become aware of another framework that is related to my natural "unmasked" behavior that revolves around curiosity and exploration. It's very much an emotional framework:

  1. Express and feel big emotional swells!
  2. Relentlessly pursue magical connections between anything and everything!
  3. Construct hypothetical realities that would lead to the realization of (1) and (2)!
  4. Design novel tools and methodologies that change our very perception of what is possible!
  5. Convey deep and intense understanding of what people really want by addressing their hidden needs!
  6. Be free to experiment and fail because hey that's data and we tried to change some aspect of the universe!
  7. Question everything and reconstruct to my specifications, or uncover why something is the way it is.
  8. Comprehensively document and explain everything that I've found that might save someone from wasted time.
  9. Excitedly share all findings with people who subscribe to any of these factors!

As with hyperplexic communications, these behaviors are beyond the normal operating procedures of the average person that's more interested in pragmatic matters of living.

The opposites?

  • interest but lack of commitment to do something very cool and original.
  • convenience over strategizing ways to do something new or different with payoff
  • comfort over volunteering time/resources toward another person's cause, even if shared
  • choosing congenial relations with others over the conflicts that arise through adventurous creation.