Hyperplexic Communication

Posted Monday, December 11, 2023 by Sri. Tagged TROPE
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I have need for intense multi-disciplinary communication with others, especially when working on a project. The shorthand term I've coined is hyperplexic communicationNot to be confused with "hyperlexic", which is a term that applies to children who can read far above their age level..

  • hyper - above the normal range
  • plex - implies complex / multi-plexed
  • alternative forms: hyperplexed communication

Qualities of Hyperplexic Communication

These are traits that I exhibit in my communication style.

  • seeking big emotional feels
  • multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary concepts
  • high-intensity focus on topics and special interests
  • high-speed, high-intensity multi-channel data transfer
  • explicit signaling of understanding and questioning
  • spontaneous hypothesis formation and investigation
  • tangential topical exploration
  • active pattern finding, comparison, and merging of shared ideas
  • use of multi/mixed media to convey information

Note: Many of these qualities seem to be found in populations of highly-verbal autistic expression.


A problem with my so-called "hyperplexic communication" is that this level of intensity is not desirable in everyday situations. Previously, I thought that being able to unlock the high-bandwidth / high-intensity communication mode was a way of connecting with people. However, in 2023 I realized that people probably aren't looking for this level of engagement at all. I was setting myself up for failure through this unrealistic expectation.

The mitigation I have is to fall back on negotiated conversation where I am assuming a very low initial level of communication, and IF it seems that the bandwidth/intensity is desired. This is like handshaking a baseline data connection and negotiating higher protocols.

That said, I don't feel fully alive when I am not able to have hyperplexed conversation in my work, and my enthusiasm diminishes quickly. For good productivity, I need to have this type of multi-faceted engagement with working partners. It is not just a desire. This may be correlated with ADHD need for external governing forces.


from Groundhog Day Resolution 2023 November Report:


I feel fully-engaged when I can use deep, intense, high-bandwidth communication techniques. Without this engagement, I quickly lose motivation to work on projects and become discouraged.

Previous Assumption:

I thought that if I could master communication styles and understand where people are coming from so I could "meet them where they are" in an engaging and friendly fashion, then they would feel safe about opening-up about what's on their mind and what they are thinking. This would lead to the deep, intense, high-bandwidth communication that keeps ME engaged with life.


In contrast to my previous assumption, people are not looking for deep, intense, high-bandwidth communication for the vast majority of the time. Instead, they prefer to keep people at a comfortable distance and like simple, immediate, emotionally undemanding and convenient.