Focus on EShop: Well, Maybe Tomorrow

Posted Monday, September 5, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

Monday, September 5, 2022.

It's Labor Day, and I'm starting a push on getting more printed products back out into the world. I'll be going after the low-hanging fruit first, but I'm getting ahead of myself...the first step is to just go down into the basement and see what stock I have. For some reason I'm dreading it.

I'm starting off with these two slots (from the two slot+aux model of my brain)...these are the two action focii for the next week or so:

  • SLOT 1 - Printed Products Reboot - getting the online running again!
  • SLOT 2 - Make More Physical Space - household clutter is harshing my vibe, man!
I made this index card reminder so I'm less likely to forget to think about the goal!an index card with two goalsan index card with two goals (full size image)

Today I didn't actually get to anything, because I had a meeting at 1PM to see what additional cleanup work I had to do on the Big Project that finished in July (answer: no work, so I'm free to pursue my own projects for the remainder of the year).


After a realtime meeting like this I tend to have less self-control as far as doing "goal-centered work", and I found myself compiling a giant cheat sheet for armoring my character in the video game Destiny 2. This game has a really complicated set of energy types, armor pieces, modules, and character classes with dozens of different effects that can be combined to create really powerful gimmicks...but you need to know what's available and how one element synergizes with another. I basically just dumped everything into a multi-page reference document so I could read everything comfortably.

A terse reference for armor mods, combat mods, weapon mods, aspects, and fragments by slot affinity for Warlock and Titan in Destiny 2. This reference spreadsheet is thumbnails of spreadsheet datapage thumbnails of spreadsheet data (full size image)

This act of manual data processing seems to have had one nice side effect: I am mentally exhausted in a way that I am not when writing my own words; collecting, collating, and reorganizing other people's data is apparently more tiring!

So, tomorrow is the first real day of doing the Printed Products reboot. First step will be to go into the basement and see (gulp) what's lurking down there...