GHDR 2022 June 6 Report: Too Much Work

Posted Monday, June 6, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

Hey guys! I have to delay my Groundhog Day Resolutions report for June due to some extreme work deadlines. I’m reminding myself I chose to do this (a helpful verbal trick to say out loud). Topics to maybe cover:

  • A Surprising Development with ADHD and Spironolactone
  • A “Not Buying Spree”
  • Pride Month thoughts?

I’ll come back and update this with the actual link later to the report over on


February 2

Kickoff - Defining the goals for 2022.

March 3

Focus Level Up! - Initial goals cleared. Added "daily making" criteria.

April 4

May 5

Much Mental Processing - Thinking through mental health issues.

June 6

Too Much Work - Burned out on work. No report.

July 7

Back to Meeee! - Work commitments ending, looking forward to focus on my own work.

August 8

Setting Strategic Horizons - Need for "singular focus" stronger than ever. Hypothesizing goal-less strategic planning strategy based on structured procrastination.


Related journal entries Defining Archetypes, Defining Goals, and Defining Operational Goals dig into the conditions for setting strategic horizons. Reboot Complete is the summary of progress made.

September 9

Progress in Four Phases - Warming up to meet my strategic horizon goals took time, but the systems of the past are proving useful in the present!

October 10

Fighting the System, Letting it Be - Limited progress on the big yucky goals that must be done, reflections on the challenges, and a reminder maybe that I should just let things be beautiful.

November 11

Battling Impairment, Finding Heart - Addresses long-standing mental impairments as "personal fact" that GHDR does not directly address.


December 12

A New Roadmap - The key insights about ADHD, ASD, and Personal Mission summarized.