GHDR 2022 July 7 Report: Back to Meeee!

Posted Thursday, July 7, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

GHDR stands for "Groundhog Day Resolutions. For an explanation, see the GHDR trope entry. This list changes every month in each report.

2022 Activity Ideas

[ ] Bring Back Challenge-a-Day
[ ] Create as part of a social group
[ ] Track forward achievement only
[ ] launching dsri media w/ community plan
[ ] Find new e-commerce/s&h solution
[X] Commit to using SSG for the new site

2022 Platform Goals

[+] Add image support to Srigarten
[X] Deploy Srigarten features
[X] Use Discord to Encourage Creative Sanctuary
[X] Describe the DSri Creative Mission

2022 Personal Goals

[~] Work with ADHD
[~] Work with Autism traits
[~] Be less angry and sweary
[.] Develop more conviction
[~] Work with Trans Identity
[~] Develop Sri-ness
[+] Get over multiplayer anxiety

Added July 7 Personal Projects

[ ] A return to regular blogging!
[ ] A return to regular streaming!
[ ] concise video content!
[ ] connection through media platforms
[ ] package+share existing process!
[ ] including DS|CAFE everywhere

checklist legend
. on my mind but paused
~ in progress/ongoing activity
> punted to next cycle
+ new activity this cycle!
X done
F failed/stuck

Happy July 7! It's time for the monthly Groundhog Day Resolutions Report. Last month I didn't do a report because I was eyes-deep in project crunch, which was delivered just last week on July 1. Up till then, I was just working as many hours as I could to try to get things into a good-enough shape to put in front of the grant researchers, who will be using the software with kids in their last summer trials.

If you've been following this blog, you'll know how frustrated I've been at having to continually prioritize other work over my own for the past two years. The work has been technically challenging for me, pushing me to learn new things in areas I have little experience; this combined with the brain fog and other social stressors in my life just tapped me out. I was totally burned out for the past year, but the excitement of getting back to my own projects has given me a second wind!


The Activity goals for this year centered around creative production in the style of "A NEW PRODUCT A DAY". I think this is still the case but instead of focusing on tangible product, it will be more broadly about "tangible connection" and "tangible sharing".

  • A return to regular blogging!
  • A return to regular streaming!
  • new: Creating more concise video content!
  • new: Creating opportunities for shared connection through media platforms (e.g. Patreon)!
  • new: Packaging and existing process regularly!
  • new: Making the DS|CAFE Discord part of the process!

In the Personal Development category, much of this remains the same. I've had a lot of good insights about how to manage how I handle ADHD, Autism (?), gender/queer identity, and general physical health. One of the most criticial discoveries was that the medicines I've been taking from different doctors were causing a lot of the brain fog and tiredness; switching them up has made a huge different in my energy levels and even my overall mood. Looking forward to sharing more about that later.

Looking Ahead

This is a super short GHDR report, because I'm going to be getting into a lot of things in the coming weeks, and I'm not entirely sure what order they will be done in. I'll make a few notes here though to check on when August 8 rolls around:

  • How did the blogging go?
  • How did the streaming go?
  • Did I create any video content?
  • Did I get the shared project areas working on the Discord?
  • Was I able to build areas for shared connection on other media platforms?
  • Did I publically articulate the mission as I understand it?
  • Did more people come into the DS|CAFE because of something I did on this list?

Ok, so that's going to be it for this month's report! In summary, big project over and now am relaunching a lot of new media initiatives that I am in the process of describing in my studio channel on the DS|CAFE Coworking Discord. More to come, more to share, really excited about getting deep into my own projects using what I've learned from a very difficult couple of years!

Bonus Process Video!

If you're curious about how I put together today's report, here's a one hour-ish video of me live writing it.


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