GHDR Reboot 027: Reboot Complete!

Posted Sunday, September 4, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

I think it's safe to say that I am done "rebooting" the GHDR's been nearly 30 days since I started this new phase on August 8, and the system now has these parts:

The GHDR System

As of September 2022, there are these basic parts:


I wrote about these habits in earlier journal entries:

  • Get out of bed as fast as possible, don't think or plan beyond getting into the shower!
  • Thinking and planning in the shower is fine, as is while moisturizing and dressing for the day!
  • Eat some bites of fruit for a small amount of ready sugar carbohydrates, take vitamin B-12, drink 32oz of water.
  • Take adderall if it's an adderall day
  • Plunk butt down at the computer and review yesterday's notes
  • Maybe make coffee while contemplating the notes
  • Open the daily journal using the knowledge management system


  • use the knowledge management system to keep notes as they come up
  • use the daily journal entry to maintain continuity notes and important thoughts as they happen
  • supplement with index cards, lists, and coworking server support
  • structure tasks as questions to answer relative to one of the strategic horizons I am pursuing


These are still problematic because I find it hard to fall asleep, and sometimes video game sessions with friends will keep me up much to 3AM or later!

  • Start to summarize the daily journal note...
  • "Close the Kitchen" by tidying it up so it's ready for the morning
  • Finish the daily journal note and post it.
  • Evening shower to get the ick of the day off
  • Tidy bedroom
  • Set alarms, move everything except Kindle out of bedroom
  • Read a bit, something I haven't done for a long time!

The Missing Operational Goals

Version 3 'GHDR Goals' from August 8, where I tried to identity the grand "strategic horizon" I was steering toward.


  • Sri building cool things to share
  • Sri nurtures a project incubating community
  • Sri builds public stand/magazine for sharing
  • Sri build market stand where people can buy
  • serendipity: create products from shared interests
  • eventually: revenue to travel to where the processes are


  • A Tangible Deliverable Every Day (momentum)
  • is the produce stand (outreach)
  • Add to produce stand as needed (outreach)
  • Identify lines of business on the fly (outreach)
  • Document discoveries on (value build)
  • Document personal insights in squirks (value build/)
  • Share the Daily Deliverable (community energy)
  • Develop media channels as needed (outreach)
  • Nuture community spaces organically (outreach)

I have had so many great insights, and the new GHDR 2022 Framework has started to form as a result of this daily work. However, there are still hard projects that I have to tackle if I want to move toward any of the strategic horizons I defined. The two most urgent projects are selling printed products again and creating physical space in my home, so I think those will be my two slots for September.


The August 8 version of my GHDR Goals (see right) needs a lot of revision given all the new insights I've had this month. I also documented quite of few TROPES and SRI QUIRKS as I wrote about them in passing in the various JOURNAL ENTRIES. The entries in bold are ones that are related to the GHDR reboot:

Here are all the journal entries for the month!

Finally, here are the critical sketchmaps of the concepts behind The Public Square, which helped me figure out what would give me more visceral immediacy in selecting and acting on daily tasks!

A sketchmap of 'embodied' concepts related to archetypessketchmap of physical representation of strategysketchmap of physical representation of strategy (full size image)
sketchmap of relationship between strategic terrain, embodied archetypes, and task activitiessketchmap of strategic terrainsketchmap of strategic terrain (full size image)

Wrapping Up / Next Steps

That's all the prep I'm going to do today; it's already taken a few hours of time, but I think it was good to do this planning today. I'll be bringing back my weird two slot + aux from 2020, in which there is a "primary effort" slot, a "discovery" slot, and an auxiliary "everything else reactive" slot.


printed products reboot: The Amazon store for printed products has been offline for almost a year, and I need to come up with a replacement. This is not only lost revenue, but lost opportunity.


making more space: My house is very cluttered; finding stuff to take to the dump or to the upcycling center should be hard. What would be hard is reorganizing the space and/or doing interior design.


These are opportunistic things that I'll do when procrastinating on the above. They are by nature UNPLANNED, as my brain can't handle too many planned things anyway without shutting down.