Time Travelling Librarian

Posted Saturday, August 20, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK

This is a style prompt to create my clothing style as a non-binary trans-fem person. I wrote about this most recently in the Coworking Discord:

As I mentioned, I'm "non-binary transfem", though it's only recently that I've kind of gotten to this point. A big challenge is how to express this publicly...I have a lot of knobby biologically features that puts me into an in-between place appearance wise. I get sir'd all the time basically. I also live in a somewhat conservative state though it's not as bad as some others, but I'm mindful of not wanting to raise any kind of negative reaction.

So, as far as dressing for public I've stuck to things that are more fun, outside the masculine meta and somewhat gender confounding on second-glance without crossing into what might be considered sexy or flirty; I'm also ace, so this does fit personally whew.

I had this image of wearing cozy librarian sweaters and such; I think these days the "dark academia" style sort of covers the general look I was thinking of. This is something I'd like to wear too, skirts and tights and comfy blazers, cool bags, hats, and stylish but sensible shoes with a heel on them. A slightly disapproving look on my face when someone is making too much noise and disturbing the calm!

I had this idea in my head that maybe in the far future, there would also be librarians that would relish the opportunity to travel back to our time and observe us in person. But they are so far ahead in the future that only fragments of our historical clothing record survived, based on what media and artifacts have been recovered. Essentially, entire centuries of fashion would be compressed into the future notion of what our time looked like. So I imagined that they would make their best attempt at dressing like us, but they would lose the finer distinctions between what was fashionable in the 1800s through the 2000s because our media record is so fractured by then

But since they are GREAT LIBRARIANS they apply their learned fashion sense to putting their outfits together, as anachronistic as the pieces might be

I was thinking about this all last night, realizing I didn't have a clear sense of the purpose said Future Librarians, and this was a very good prompt for reflecting on what my fashion goals are, which are to reflect as certain kind of possibility and adventure that is uniquely me. I want to LOOK like I'm on an adventure or just coming back from one or about to go to one, and appear in such a way that people are curious and engaged and maybe want to come along.

This is the extension of my general life direction, I think, to find ways to not be bored and/or constrained by elements of reality that aren't doing one any good or are only for the benefit of other people sapping the life from you. Boo to that!

So the idea of being "displaced in time" kind of fits with that vibe...librarians of the future maybe see themselves as being catalysts for learning and personal growth? That sort of is like librarians now, I guess, without time traveling powers