GHDR Reboot 003: Tackling bills, Daily Logging Day 2

Posted Thursday, August 11, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

Today I woke up fairly late, took some pictures of the new workspace in the daylight!

The computer used to be where the chairs on the right are now; the bright sun was giving me severe eyestrain!(full size image)

I uploaded a video of creating the daily journal entry using the code I wrote yesterday 💕. This is very boring. However, I did make a new shortcode for embedding Youtube Videos, so that's a win already!

New Shortcode! {% YouTube id='YoutubeShortCode' %} will create the markup for inserting a responsively-sized YouTube video player inside of an iframe!!!

So with that, it's already 1:10PM, so let's do the "morning" braindump!

What's In My Head This Morning

  • I wish my office chair had a more upright mode. I think I might sell it and get something else, though I do like the way this looks.
  • I have to pick up my car later today, and I havre some social obligations to take care of.
  • note: I'm feeling pretty LETHARGIC today already, so maybe it isn't eyestrain. I am fasting today and probably need to take a walk (oh right, I was going to do this) to get the blood moving.
  • Is there fungus on my pepper plants? Look it up!
  • Use e-deposit on that refund check...

What is it that I want to do today? I'm feeling productively-minded but I'm also kind of tired. I should see how I feel after I take a walk to the post office...

  • I wonder if I can live-publish the 'today' journal by detecting rsync and also exclude it from the atom feed until the next day?
  • Looking at the raw markup of this page, I'm imagining that there is a more attractive block header format that replace the shortcodes.

TaskUp: Bills

I need to make some kind of bill/mail processing machine, something that encourages me to process them. Maybe this is a good application of old-school 2 MINUTE PROCESSING from GTD. Let's give it a try with the two bills and check in hand...

Remember that de-emotionalized my responses is an effective stratagem that could work with bills. Just clear my mind of negative emotions associated with it so the lizard brain doesn't get its way.

  • paid bills, deposited checks!

Knowledge Management System Updates

I kept updating this document as I did the bills, and made a few improvements:

  • new ghdr note style (used above)
  • enabled live syntax checking in the various Eleventy extension source files by updating the Typescript tsconfig.json and webpack configurations. This required moving some files around in the build system to make sure Typescript's output directory wasn't also an input directory.
  • new entries in squirk: brain model, living room cafe, lizard brain, robot mode.

I then took a quick review of text parsing, which this time around made a lot more sense than when I first looked at it 3 years ago for my last contract. I'd like to make a freeform document format that is a pleasure to write in and still highly structured in a human-readable but machine-compileable format. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like doing something more with this.


I knocked off for the day at 530PM, feeling very tired, then hung out with a friend for a couple hours.

I'm feeling a bit like I'm wandering rather than working with purpose, but I also know I did make some improvements to this system. I feel like I neeed a big win somewhere else now...but where?