Robot Mode

Posted Thursday, August 11, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK

This is a mindset I use to eliminate distracting thoughts and emotions by declaring that I am a robot and have disabled emotional processing circuits. This puts me in a pure analytical mode, at least for a while, and it is surprisingly easy for me to access. Emotions don't arise, because I'm focused on mechanical actions performed with fluid efficiency.

I used to call this "autistic mode" based on a translated Masamune Shirow manga from the 1990s; the term applied to a digital communication-capable cyborg that closed all connections to prevent eavesdropping or remote hacks on its brain. These days, I have switched the term to "robot" to avoid confusion with the active discussion of Autism itself. I'm possibly on the autism spectrum myself, and wonder if the ability to shut down emotion is a related trait.

See also de-emotionalized response.