GHDR Reboot 023: Defining Operational Goals

Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

I slept long and well, having no scheduled meetings at all today to worry about. After doing my start of day ritual, I reviewed yesterday's notes and formulated the goal of defining what my operational goals were. I had already made some notes at Starbucks the day before, so today I would break them out!

I decided to draw a picture of it instead of typing; my head just wasn't feeling like MORE TYPING and I find that using the image-centered part of my brain often gives me different results. Plus, it is fun to have a diagram to 'roam' visually.

I ended up with a diagram of Strategic Goals instead; here's what it looks like:

Sketch of Strategic Horizons to help define Operational GoalsSketchMap of Strategic GoalsSketchMap of Strategic Goals (full size image)

First I started with the Strategic Horizons, starting with The Online Store and then the KMS/Old Content as my writing/thinking outlet. I then added The Public Square to represent community, and then tacked-in Specialty Services to represent my freelance work. Lastly I broke out Publishing Online as its own thing, producing other content that is primarily for daily consumption or idea propagation; by comparison KMS/Old Content is more about packaging ideas for reuse or design thinking, not about conversation.

From this, I defined several Strategic Goals that are the umbrella. The gist of these goals are to create a nice community of people and tools to create a kind of ecosystem for co-creation:

  1. Grow a self-sustaining "ecosystem" for the tribe of positive-minded, self-empowered, curious, competence-seeking, conscientious, generous, and kind people.
  2. Figure out how to create one job while also supporting myself!
  3. Figure out how to show people how to be part of the tribe,and how to contribute to it!
  4. Provide ways for people to find their unique offerings and connect them to the ecosystem!
  5. Define and publish the governing principles of the ecosystem such that people can understand how it is able to operate as a self-sustaining operation and spread its positive culture.
  6. Be the Sri I want to be, finding ways to connect my goals with the elements of the ecosystem.

So my Operational Goals are under the create a public square for the ecosystem:

  • Rebuild the Online Store - this is so I can derive additional income
  • Rebuild the Publishing Communications to feed into the public square - these are the ideas and sharepieces that I release that helps to describe the ecosystem I'd like to be a part of, and provides ways for people to find the public square.
  • Compartmentalize the Specialty Services as their own limited-scope operations - this is things like contract work I do in programming and design, and they are a source of supplemental income. They are not directly plugged-in to the ecosysten, though the things I know how to do can help build it.
  • Develop the Knowledge Management System that I'm using, which I am hoping will also support the essential activities of exploring, learning, building, and sharing that are the very bones of the ecosystem. This also is part of the Publishing System, encompassing the website and reindexed content from the old website.

I think I'm still missing a value statement for the ecosystem, so tomorrow I might write a bit about that.