The Tribe

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I want to be around positive-minded, self-empowered, curious, conscientious, competent, generous, and kind people who enjoy sharing knowledge and work experiences.

I have been using variations of this phrase to describe "my people" for a long time (insert earliest citation here). It goes back to at least 2007, I think, but I don't remember when I first posted it.

[the tribe] is more than just a support group. It's a coworking project incubator and fellowship of the tribe.

-- Dec 16, 2022

Other References

From the DSCAFE Readme:

"Our culture is to let people get to know each other over time through saying hello and sharing what you're working on! We also strive to be supportive and celebratory over achieving our goals in a visible manner, which helps elevate the good feelings that make doing the work more meaningful in some way (or at least not as much of a chore)"

From one of the in-channel greetings in DSCAFE main chat when someone new arrives:

"We enjoy listening to and sharing our lived experiences with each other to create a supportive and accepting space in which we can thrive."

First-use of Term Online

Directives (WIP)

last updated May 29, 2023

A work-in-progress list of stuff that a hypothetical tribe like this could share:

  • seeking understanding, facing fear responses, and learning to deal with cognitive dissonance, and sitting with discomfort to broaden our world view
  • seek solutions to mitigate frustration
  • don't assume or leap to conclusions; confirm understanding first
  • there are no prescriptive answers that fit everyone's needs
  • what works for you may not work for everyone
  • assume the best intentions rather than the worst; our baseline is to see people, not categories
  • disagreement can be held and contemplated without demonizing or othering
  • Express disappointment and disagreement without judgement attached to the person; how you feel is legitimate
  • Baseline is discovering what is right for yourself, not imposing what is right for everyone