STRIM: Sri Sensory Stimulation

Posted Sunday, August 14, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK

To be able to function at all, I need a minimum level of stimulation. My natural state of energy seems to be very low if there is nothing to be excited about. My ability to produce is entirely dependent on being able to ensure I always have something I am curious about or have been challenged to answer a question or find a solution by some means. I am also stimulated by other people's curiousity, and if I can be part of the experience for the first time that is stimulating. In a similar vein, novel ideas and concepts that make me want to seek proof that they indeed work they way described, or the chance to prove/disprove a theory is very stimulating.

Destimulating inputs are: mediocrity, demonstrative lack of caring by someone, lack of competence or insight, unquestioned blind dogma, lousy process, poor documentation, bad explanations, unstated assumptions that create uncertainty. I feel trapped or ripped off when having to deal with it, and the emotional response can shut down progress due to anger and frustration.

In general, my brain is stimulated by curiousity, problem solving, connected need with other people. I spend a lot of time seeking sources of this. When faced with tasks that destimulate