De-emotionalized Response

Posted Thursday, August 18, 2022 by Sri.Tagged SQUIRK

There are times when I am feeling irritated/angry/upset about the context around a task. Maybe it's a task that I shouldn't had to do if "someone had done their job correctly". Or perhaps I'm just frustrated with my own lack of skill; really, it's any time I find that there is an emotional element that's getting in the way of my ability to work.

When I catch this happening, I can sometimes "turn off" my emotions and go into a pure analytical phase. It's quite similar to robot mode but instead of not having emotions at all, I am disregarding them them in favor of pure logic, like Mr. Spock in Star Trek.

  • robot mode: pure observation and action...emotions don't even arise because I'm not letting them arise. I suppress the emotional reaction by focusing on the pure mechanics of an action.
  • de-emotionalized response: logic assesses the emotions, looks at their source and causal relationships, and then performs a cold calculus of benefit. It is the mindset of medical triage.

I would say that the de-emotionalized response is the scarier one, because it is knowing. Robot mode is more of a deliberate assumption of naiveté. But, like robot mode, it is highly effective. This is the res