The Concrete Goals Tracker Writer's Edition

Posted Wednesday, March 8, 2023 by Sri. Tagged CONCEPT, CGT, REFCARD
EDITING PHASE:first draft

This is the list of points for a new Concrete Goals Tracker adapted for my "writing-centric" life, keeping ELBS-ND in mind as well.

Concrete Goals Tracker for Writing

1 point

  • private: ideas noted, notes transcribed, and revisited in PKMS
  • protected: words transcribed or written in DS|CAFE, PKMS drafts
  • protected: conversations with people in Discord servers besides DS|CAFE

2 points

  • public: words drafted and shared on journal, social media, PKMS final
  • new people followed in public channel
  • followers gained in public channel

3 points

  • contacts made through public sharing
  • one-to-one conversations in public channels
  • channel improvements that help

5 points

  • discussion of collaborative opportunities with engaged stakeholders based on writing/sharing
  • concrete deliverables: submission-ready writing
  • concrete deliverables: other media produced due to inspired curiosity or external interest
  • concrete deliverables: consumer-ready public channel content delivered regularly
  • concrete deliverables: consumer-friendly changes to public channel design, organization

10 points

  • work resulting in new channels and improved channel capabilities
  • citation in public sources by others
  • invitation received to join organizations, companies, groups

100 points

  • "reach" milestone target for follower counts, SEO metrics
  • "sales revenue" gained through concrete deliverables sales
  • "recurring revenue" target for evergreen content
  • "true partners" realized as time passes

Glossary of Terms

contexts - The "mental writing context" that shapes what I write. Private is me just thinking by myself using my collection of tools and so forth. Protected is conversation in public spaces that do not auto-publish to the internet. Public spaces are ones where the content is accessible by anyone.

channels - Websites where there is an audience that engages with me and my content. They are related to contexts, as the writing has to be accessible to which audiences are in-channel.

contacts - Anyone who I can talk to or who talks to me on any channel.

stakeholders - People who are committed to in-person direct collaboration with me, materially involved in the work or discussion as a peer.

concrete deliverable - Any narratively-complete piece of work (not just writing) that can be (1) exists in a form that is visible to others that (2) has been explicitly shared in the open so people see it.