Tool: Concrete Goals Tracker (CGT)

Posted Saturday, October 29, 2022 by Sri. Tagged TROPE
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The Concrete Goals Tracker aka CGT is a paper-based productivity form I made in 2005 for improving my freelance design business. It's built around the idea that concrete deliverables have the most value in the eyes of potential clients (e.g. portfolios, finished projects), but making them is difficult without the immediate need of a current client.

The form itself is comprised of two parts:

  • a short list of activities that contribute to future income, with each activity assigned a weighted point value related on how close it was to bringing in actual money.
  • a weekly tracking form where you keep score on how many points you managed to land

While the form was originally made as an excuse to play around with Adobe Illustrator, it is imbued with a lot of good user psychology sitting on a framework of sound information graphic design principles. You can check it out at the official Concrete Goals Tracker page on my old website.