Stream of Consciousness (SOC) Log

Posted Saturday, October 29, 2022 by Sri. Tagged TROPE

I have a poor working memory due to what probably is ADHD/Inattentive Type. One way I cope with this is by literally writing down what I'm doing in a text file so I can reread what I was thinking a few seconds ago. This makes it easier to stay on-track because I can re-scan my thinking several times a minute as I construct a complete thought so I can form an intention to act with a goal to achieve.

This works for me because I type as fast as I can think (about 80WPM). The process goes something like this:

  • note the DAY_OF_WEEK and THEME of the day
  • identify what it is I want to do
  • start with question that is related to doing
  • note thoughts that come up while answering the question, searching for things
  • copy/paste reference material from various sources so it's right in the document
  • make checklists of intermediate tasks in the doing of something
  • note the victorious outcome, or decision to try something else
  • if not solved, write next steps

The SOC log is sometimes the same text file as a continuity log; by going back over the day's notes and concisely summarizing them, it's then much faster to return to the previous day's writing and see where I was without wading through all the temporary notes.