Focus on EShop 02-03: Surprise Inventory and Services!

Posted Thursday, September 8, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

The past couple of days have been spent chasing down old inventory and packing supplies.

  • Confirmed that my printer still had 60ct ETP8511 (full size notebooks) and 125ct of ETP4X6 (sticky pads) stored!
  • The StickyPads are being shipped to Amazon.
  • I took home a carton of the ETP8511
  • Started prototyping "ready-to-ship" packages for different quantities
  • Still need to find the old label printer, but that can wait until after house is cleaned up so I have room to set up a packing station

Four bonus discoveries!

  • I joined the Indie Sellers Guild to find conversations with independent creatives, and I hope it will be a good resource for finding business services and kindred spirits who are fed-up with corporate shenanigans.
  • My printer mentioned that they can do fulfillment and pack!!! I just need to send them the shipping label. They can warehouse and provide packaging at a very low cost.
  • A chance conversation in the Coworking Discord about Dearly Bethany, a style consultant, led me down a rabbithole of considering digital products; the level of polish and principles in their media was inspiring.
  • I came across a painting of Chemistry Cat on, which intrigued me with the scale of their operation providing services so artists can sell their own prints and not worry about the messy printing/fulfillment part.

The bonus discoveries are really important for keeping me motivated, but I also have to remember to keep to my two slot+aux model for this week, with SLOT 1 occupied by the above e-commerce activities.

SLOT 2: Making More Room

The second slot is occupied by the Make More Room directive, and it's going pretty well. To make more room, I have to dig deep to find as much stuff to eliminate from the house as possible.

  • Went through all DVDs, tagged over half of them as no longer needed. Surprising what I'm willing to let go of these days; I'll have to take a picture.
  • Went through all old games, tagged a similar amount of stuff as no longer necessary.

For Tomorrow

Friday is Groundhog Day Resolutions Report Day, September 9!!! I'll be taking a break from all this stuff to work on writing the day's post. I'm quite sleepy right now and it's just about 5PM, so I'm going to call it an early day and rest some more.

I am pretty pleased with progress so far. Maybe by the end of next week I'll have a rudimentary online shop working again? That would be amazing! I don't even know what would happen after that. Promotion, maybe? Back to the blog?