About The Outpost

EDITING PHASE:gathering info...

The Outpost is a scaled-down version of The Colony, more of an outgrowth of this website. I'm thinking of it as a stepping stone to the more grandiose concept.

Here are my initial conditions:

  • The Outpost is sized just for Sri, not many people as with The Colony.
  • The Outpost is still intended to be a welcoming place for people to gather and transact, just like The Colony.
  • The Outpost still needs to provide goods and services that appeal to others, but they are more on a personal level scaled to Sri.

A big part of The Colony challenge is developing its culture and governance model, which is pretty daunting. The reduced scope of The Outpost, though, allows me to think more about how I conduct myself socially and professionally, which I think is a good start.

See trope entry The Outpost for more notes.