Curry Leaf Plant

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Leaves Turning Yellow

from gardnerspath

  • add 20% iron sulfate to soil; prone to iron deficiency
  • fertilize with liquid fish fertilizer
  • water once a week, surface should be barely dry
  • likes temperatures around 60F and higher. leaves droop if lower.
  • needs well-draining soil


  • aphids will suck it and lead to sooty mold. insecticidal soap, neem oil, or horticultural oils. can try washing with soap and water of household detergent, 1 tbs to one gallen, spray then hose off. Add lacewings or ladybugs to eat them.
  • spider mites do this too. They are the ones leaving the eggs on my pepper plants! plants under water stress, keep infected plants away from others. Use an insecticidal soap initially.