Predominantly Prosocially Motivated Profile (PPMP)

Posted Thursday, May 23, 2024 by Sri. Tagged TROPE

PPMP is a personality profile that I coined in the May 5 2024 Groundhog Day Resolutions Report.

As a profile, it breaks down into the following elements:

  • Prosocial motivation is distinct from "pleasing others", "personal benefits" like money, "social status", "competition", "curiosity/interest", or "getting along with others". It is being motivated by seeing other people overcome challenges, grow, and succeed. Possibly it's similar to how a parent derives happiness from seeing the growth of their children, but applied to everyone. This seems to be an overlooked motivation, though being prosocial as a behavior is extremely common.
  • Predominantly is an important modifier, because in my case this is the primary motivation that I need to do anything at all.
  • Profile is important because there are a unique set of traits, acquired skills, interests, and behaviors that are associated with it.

In other words, to be PPMP one must feel that they are driven primarily by prosocial factors. In my case, I feel extremelly lethargic unless I can attach a benefit I can observe in someone else who has a meaningful investment in what I'm doing, or has a strong interest as well. I am at my best when I have at least another work partner who is also PPMP.

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