Cultural Architecture Studies Group

Posted Sunday, May 12, 2024 by Sri. Tagged TROPE
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As I described in this Groundhog Day Resolutions Report, I'd like to create a group of people who are predominantly prosocially motivated to research principles and methods to create a "seed" that catalyzes positive-minded, self-empowered, conscientious, curious, generous, and kind people; these are the type of people who I loosely describe as The Tribe in my internal jargon. The shape of the seed is in theform of a manual that can be freely distributed to people who want to create special interest groups, benefit companies, and volunteer organizations around these ideas. My motivation for doing this is that I have a particular need as someone with the "predominantly prosocial motivatinal profile" that is rather uncommon in the world. I think the operating principles have broad applicability to many social structures.

Group Stages

STAGE 1 - Create Prosocial Core Group STAGE 2 - Create Prosocial Core Architecture, Practices, Vision, and Metrics STAGE 3 - Seed Practices and Vision to interest groups that are founded on our output STAGE 4 - Create a for-profit benefit company to make cool stuff

Developing Ideas

Creating a virtuous cycle of interaction between people:

prosocial conversation ⇒ shared energy ⇒ action ⇒ outcome to advance conversation