Consuming versus Creating

Posted Monday, December 11, 2023 by Sri. Tagged TROPE
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A worry I have is that I spend too much time consuming stuff rather than creating or producing the kind of things I want to make. I don't just want to be an "idea person". I want to be able to make stuff, but I find it very difficult. That's because making new and excellent stuff is HARD, of course.

For me to be most creative, I need other people around me who also have the creator mindset with a taste for entrepreneurial exploration. See adventurous creativity.

Kinds of Drives

As I'm thinking about the difference between creators and consumers, I wonder if it's possible to identify traits that might help understand the difference further? Here's an off-the-cuff hot take on possible drives:

  • action drivers - want to make something happen by their own hand
  • creator drive - to create something that didn't exist before and pursuing it
  • consumer drive - the desire to acquire efficiently for greater-than-unity reward
  • skill drives - mavens, fixers that like contributing critically relevant skills
  • supporter drive - help through general personal support, wrangling,
  • social needs drive - desire to be connected, and will contribute in way they can to feel
  • self-sufficiency drive - desire to do everything as independently as possible, or have that choice
  • control drive - desire to make everyone and everything work as expected/desire
  • security drive - desire to avoid scary things or be sure of their safety/resources
  • sex drive - desire for sexual relations with people in the group