Focus on EShop 01: Digging into the Muck

Posted Tuesday, September 6, 2022 by Sri. Tagged GHDR

I woke up at 5AM, after not being able to sleep since midnight. First thing I did was drink a big mug of coffee, but did NOT take Adderall; I was curious if coffee alone would help me get through at least part of the day.

The morning slot was Printed Products / Online Commerce so...I started with the task of looking for stock that I could put into my dormant Shopify store:

  • found some stock to put on shopify
  • detour: make a silly emoji
  • detour: look into an interesting debug problem
  • make a dummy listing for something on shopify
  • figure out inventory, shipping
  • updated legacy plan to current version.
  • emailed Frank at Papergraphics, found out there is still some stock!
  • checked to see if I could list anything on Amazon Marketplace still
  • gathered samples of USPS shipping envelopes and boxes, ordered some other sizes
  • detour: do laundry
  • looked into shipping options and inventory control on Shopify
  • answered backlog of inquiries going back to February 2022!

Then at noon, I got sleepy again and took a nap, took out the trash and recycling, got the mail, and cooked dinner. Afterwards", it was time to switch to the evening slot which is Make More Physical Space. Here's what I went through.

  • CURRATE->DONATE: a box of unused water bottles of various vintages
  • CURRATE->DONATE: box of DVDs, VHS tapes
  • RECYCLE: old box of quality papers from 2009, maybe no longer manufactured. Can recycle, and always get more
  • CURRATE->KEEP: old electronic media for currated digital retro home area TBD
  • KEEP: prototype hardbound journals, so can use as examples
  • detour: look into live noise reduction / vocal balancer plugins

And that's it! I'm going to wrap up the day here (it's 7:50PM) and see if I can wind down for bed. Not a bad first day.