Difficulty vs Uncertainty

Posted Tuesday, February 21, 2023 by Sri. Tagged TROPE
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Facing Uncertainty is not the same as facing Difficulty. The former is emotional. The latter is logistical.


When struggling with task-related motivation, I often feel a resistance to starting because everything seems so complicated. However, I realized that there's a difference how the resistance manifests in response to the nature of the task.

  • If the task seems uncertain in any way, then I don't feel like I can start it. Or I don't want to because it feels like a waste of time and doesn't promise anything. I can only imagine wasted time and pain.

  • If the task seems like it's doable but there is just a lot of work, the reaction is similar but I am imagining something different: the stress and tedium of doing something boring until it's done.

I think there are different mitigations for each scenario, which I'll reflect on later. I just wanted to make a note here first.