(WIP) Void Warlock Class Information

Posted Saturday, July 1, 2023 by Sri. Tagged MEMO

Void Verbs

Buff/Debuff Explanation
Volatile target explodes on taking additional damage
Devour kills restore full health, extend devour, grant GRENADE
Weaken target slowed, takes additional damage, inaccurate fire
Suppress target can not activate abilities or fire weapons
Invisibility do not appear on radar until performing offensive action
Overshield reduce damage taken from foes
Void Breach grants class ability

Pick a Super

Super Description
Nova Warp Teleport short distance, unleash VOLATILE eruption on full charge.
Nova Bomb Vortex Bolt creates singularity, sucking target in
Nova Bomb Cataclysm Slow seeking, detonates into smaller seekers

Pick Two Aspects

Aspect Description
Chaos Accelerant Overcharge grenade to make it better
Feed the Void Kill with void ability activates DEVOUR w/ more HP and GRENADE
Child of the Old Gods Rift creates void soul. Damage, WEAKEN, ability energy.

Pick Four Fragments

Echo of Description Stat
Vigilance shields depleted :: kills grant temp VOID OVERSHIELD REC-10
Cessation Finishers :: nearby become VOLATILE; Defeating volatile creates VOID BREACH.
Explulsion ability kills :: cause target to EXPLODE INT+10
Provision Grenade damage grants MELEE energy STR-10
Exchange Melee kills :: grant GRENADE energy
Remnants Lingering grenades have longer duration
Reprisal when surrounded :: kills grant SUPER energy
Undermining Grenades WEAKEN targets DSC-20
Persistence Void buffs have 50% increased duration REC-10
Leeching melee kills :: start health regen for you and nearby allies RES+10
Domineering on suppress :: equipped rweapon reloads; defeating suppressed creates VOID BREACH DSC+10
Dilation crouched :: faster sneak and enhanced radar MOB+10 INT+10
Instability grenade kill :: add VOLATILE rounds to void weapons STR+10
Harvest weakened kill :: create ORB and VOID BREACH INT-10
Obscurity Finisher :: grant Invisibility REC+10
Starvation Void breaches and Orbs grant DEVOUR REC-10

Pick a Grenade

Grenades | Description :---|:---|:--- Void Spike | attach to surface, emit void energy Void Wall | create wall of void light Suppressor | SUPPRESS targets Vortex | Create fotext to pull-in and damage enemies Scatter | Split into multiple submunitions that explode Magnetic | Attach to target, explode twice Axion Bolt | Forks on impact, creates seekers

Pick a Powered Melee

Melee Description
Pocket Singularity Detonates near target, pushing and making them VOLATILE