(WIP) Warlock "Cold Tracer" (Arc 3.0)

Posted Tuesday, June 20, 2023 by Sri. Tagged MEMO, GAMECARD

Cold Tracer Synergies

Infinite tracerifle built on Cenotaph Mask and Coldheart. Ammo loads from reserves constantly, kills constantly create blinds, amplify, and jolt.

  • Use Coldheart's ramping-up damage for sustained, no-reload damage.
  • Kills generate Ionic Trace.
  • Mark vehicles, bosses, and mini bosses with 5 trace rifle hits to grant heavy ammo if allies kill it.
  • When amplified, cast your Rift to generate powerful Arc Body
  • Use abilities to generate more orbs to maintain armor charge
  • Use a finisher to cash-in armor charge for special ammo

Based on Maven's Everything you Know about Trace Rifles is a Lie video of exotic trace rifles versus legendary trace rifles. Coldheart is the most "forgiving" without requiring procs. Her Ugly but Deadly build video goes into more details on a full build.

The build centers around keeping Coldheart fed as long as possible so you can use it like a primary weapon. Coldheart ramps up its damage the longer it fires to very high levels with no special proc, also generating ionic traces periodically. It does 40% extra damage as an exotic weapon vs regular mobs. Cenotaph Mask provides constant ammunition reloading while Coldheart is firing, and also gives the ability to "mark" mini-bosses, vehicls, and bosses that will on-kill drop heavy ammo bricks for allies.

Armor mods are chosen to increase special ammo reserves and generate ammo bricks with finishers. Constantly generated Ionic Traces help with ability regen to stay Amplified.

NOTE: This is a squishy build without resist mods, so high resiliance is recommended. In order of priority:

  1. 30 Intellect min (avoid super penalty)
  2. 100 Resiliance
  3. 100 Discipline
  4. 100 Recovery

The Loop

Trigger actions:

  • Use Coldheart to kill rapidly.
  • Collect orbs to build armor charge
  • Use finisher to general special ammo brick
  • Mark bosses, vehicles, and minibosses that allies are fighting

Chaining actions:

  • Kills generate Ionic Traces with Amplify you
  • When Amplified, cast Rift to summon super-powered Arc Buddy
  • Use melee and grenades to generate class ability
  • Pick up orbs whenever you can for HP
Game screen capture of Sri's Destiny 2 WarlockGame screen capture of Sri's Destiny 2 Warlock (full size image)

The Loadout

Exotic Armor Piece

  • Cenotaph Mask (helmet) - Steadily reload tracerifle from reserves. Mark vehicle, boss, or champion with tracerifle hits to place mark; generates heavy ammo for allies on kill.

Weapon Loadout

  • Coldheart (energy) - Exotic trace rifle does incredible damage when held.

Subclass: Arc Stormcaller


  • Super - Chaos Reach will Jolt target, chaining lightning.
  • Charged Melee - Ball Lightning strikes target and calls down lightning.
  • Grenade - Pulse Grenade periodic damage targets.

I'm using Ball Lightning because of its powered range over Chain Lightning which is a bit better for keeping enemies at a distance. Likewise, using Flashbang grenades help with keeping distance and apply Blind to setup for Ionic Trace generation on kill. With short cooldown, Flashbang grenades are also up more frequently despite their lower damage.


  • Arc Soul - Rift creates Arc Buddy (stronger when amplified). Rift recharges when allies are near.
  • Electrostatic Mind - Kills by any Ability or Jolted/Blinded status will generate an Ionic Trace which will AMPLIFY and grant Ability energy.


  • Spark of Shock - Your grenades will also apply JOLT
  • Spark of Ions - JOLT Kill create an Ionic Trace (stack w/ Electrostatic Mind)
  • Spark of Discharge - Arc kills spawn IONIC TRACE (every 3 kills at most)
  • Spark of Beacons - When Amplified, Kill by special weapon procs BLINDING EXPLOSION

For more survivability, I can swap out Discharge with:

  • Spark of Haste - Increase resiliance, recovery, mobility by +30 when sprinting.
  • Spark of Resistance - Increases damage resistance when Surrounded (-40% damage)

Armor and Seasonal Artifact Mods


For Ammo Efficiency with Coldheart:

  • chest: Charged Up (4 charges), Arc Reserves x2 (increase amount carry)
  • boots: Stacks on Stacks (2 charges per orb), Arc Scavenger (bonus reserves)
  • class: Special Ammo Finisher (make real ammo brick)

For Generating Orbs to maintain Ammo Efficiency

  • helmet: Harmonic Siphon (rapid kills gen orbs)
  • gloves: Heavy Handed (melee gen orbs), Firepower (grenade gen orbs)
  • class: Reaper (make orbs)

For Survivability

  • arms: Bolstering Detonation (grenade dmg +class)
  • legs: Recuperation (orb +HP)
  • class: Bomber (rift +grenade)