Creative Independence

Posted Tuesday, August 9, 2022 by Sri.Tagged TROPE

I defined creative independence as a set of criteria as part of the 2013 Groundhog Day Resolutions project:

  1. To be my own boss: mastering process, making money directly from work I produce under my own name.
  2. To have the time, freedom, and money to operate my business without anxiety.
  3. To act according to my values as a human being, friend, and maker in the pursuit of mastery and success.
  4. To live according to my values with a community of like-minded self-empowered, positive-minded, conscientious and competent people.
  5. To be respectful and mindful of others, while not being swayed from my path by their expectations.
  6. To document the process so the path can be followed by others.

The related process I defined is the "creative cycle" of exploring, learning, building and sharing. This is a way to produce works that can be seen by others. When one's work is seen, that creates a moment of opportunity. This idea that work has to be "seen" is at the core of my productivity tool design.

Later, I realized that creative independence was not a sufficient condition for feeling fulfilled. The revised concept is called creative interdependence