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Why Play Destiny 2

I'd classify Destiny 2 as a power fantasy first person shooter with some RPG-like elements. Although the game offers PVP and PVE shooting experience, the main game loop is becoming more powerful through collection of customization of your character build.

There are an enormous number of poorly-explained systems, as Destiny is notorious for doing a terrible job of presenting what it's about. Fortunately blueberries.gg has concise guides to the new player experience and the myriad class, weapon, armor classifications and modifiers so you can figure out what the hell is going on. The Destiny New Players Guide does a good job of breaking down what the base systems are.

After spending some time in the game and talking to a bunch of people, I think the attraction of Destiny 2 is how it has a lot of open world activities with different levels of challenge in both solo and team PVP. Your character has fundamental abilities based on the class you've chosen, but the way you play can be changed just by changing what fancy weapon and armor you have equipped. The modification system for weapons and armor pieces allow you to tune your character in weird and interesting ways, and you get to do this in all kinds of activities all around the Destiny 2 universe instead of being confined to a handful of PVP arenas.

Current Activities

I am working on my Warlock Build. What follows are a bunch of notes on what modifiers exist in the game so I can start to select them based on my playstyle of furious running and gunning and exploding things from far away or very up-close.



  • hands-on: grant super energy on melee kill
  • ashes-to-assets: grant super energy on grenade kill
  • dynamo: reduce super cooldown when using class ability near targets
  • siphon, targeting, ammo finder


  • grenade enhancements: fastball, impact induction, bolstering detonation,
  • melee enhancements: focusing strike, momentum transfer
  • loaders (speed), dexterity (stow)
  • kickstart: boost grenade/melee energy if it's fully depleted


  • [energy] resistance, aoe dampener
  • [weapon] reserves (mag increase), unflinching aim


  • absolution, better already, innvervation, insulation, invigoration, orbs of restoration, recuperation
  • scavenger, holster

class item

  • bomber, distribution, perpetuation, outreach, utility kickstart
  • finisher


  • minor discipline, strength, intellect, mobility, recovery, resilience
  • major discipline, strength, intellect, mobility, recovery, resilience

combat style

mechanics are based on "charged with light", "warmind cell", or "elemental well" which are of an elemental type green means "generates" yellow means "consumed" white means "augments" how generate/consume charged with light

this is a HUGE LIST