Podcast Configuration

Posted Thursday, September 22, 2022 by Sri. Tagged MEMO
EDITING PHASE:gathering info...


  • Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i8
  • IN1: Shure Beta 58
  • IN2: Shure SM 58
  • IN4: Shure DGX Wireless
  • : Vive U4 Wireless montor
  • LOOP: unused


  • Focusrite Control Center

Old Podcast Workflow

  • Use Reason Bounce Mixer Channels to write individual tracks to disk as mono files. Make sure that they are exported without any processing, otherwise they will be stereo tracks. Export as 48kHz 24bit files
  • Import the files as tracks into Adobe Audition. Set the pan to L50 and R50 on the main voice channels.
  • For Sid's track, reduce breathing sounds by applying Effects/Amplitude&Compression/Dynamics and apply the Sid Debreather settings (-4db, 1ms attack, 500ms release, 10ms hold)
  • Go into the waveform editor for each track and apply Effects/Amplitude&Compression/Speech Leveler set to "careful"
  • File Export to Adobe Media Encoder. Make sure it's writing to the right place, set to MP3 128Kbps CBR
  • Use ID3 Editor to set up the tags on the podcast
  • Upload to nonazon.com/apps/unknown_podcast/pub, then add a blog post.

New Podcast Workflow

It occurs to me that I could record directly in Audition and bypass this bounce track nonsense. Will have to try that.