GHDR 2024 Planning Notes

Posted Monday, November 27, 2023 by Sri. Tagged GHDR
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2023 Planning Part I

Preliminary Theme

I've picked a preliminary theme for 2023, which is strategic software technology. There are a few long-standing bits o' software that I should really hunker down and learn how to do.

  • high quality vector graphics generation in HTML5
  • simple portable UI framework based on HTML5
  • Server-side vector graphic PDF generation

I don't want to over-plan this by specifying what I need to learn and concept. These targets are I think pretty self-explanatory to me. To make them more concrete, I'll specify some testing targets that will use these.

  • server-side ETP generation
  • server-side Compact Calendar generation
  • PDF generation on NodeJS or Deno

I also don't want to over-strategize how this all fits together, because I can relay that as each piece comes together the next steps become pretty concrete. I don't need to think about that yet.

2023 Planning Pt II

Workspace Wellbeing Goals

In addition to my main creative independence goals above, I have two main support goals: more working space and fewer collections.

  • More Working Space - I have become increasingly aware that I don't have enough table surface area and space around it to efficiently do things. Kitchen, Office Area, Living Room, Bedroom, Basement Workshop, Laundry Room are all too cramped. To achieve this, I figure I need to remove about 9-16 cubic feet of junk from each of the rooms I've listed above.

  • Fewer Collections - I have a number of things that I keep around that take up space, but will likely never use or use so infrequently that I should just get rid of them. For example, I have a whole box of authentic Taiwanese cardboard bento boxes just in case I feel like pretending I am a Taiwanese street food restaurant. I have done this exactly once in the past 10 years. I have dozens of collections that I'm documenting here as I find them:

The two goals are related and ongoing, the main secondary task to use as a break from the main business development task (software), which conforms to the two slot+aux model I have been using for personal energy resource management

2023 Planning Pt III

Community ADHD/ASD Goals

A big insight at the end of Groundhog Day Resolutions just this past November was yes, I do have a lot of long-standing impairments that I can now tie to ADHD+ASD combination traits. I am not able to solo out-clever them after decades of trying, so I'm combining community goals with my particular impairments regarding (1) executive dysfunction and (2) intensity/sensitivity with regards to pattern and rigor.

Essentially, it is the formalization of a new rule never ever work alone to address executive dysfunction due to a lack of intrinsic motivation and reward by looping-in external stakeholders (something I tried to avoid for years in an attempt to discover 'self motivation'). A second new rule is more of a rededication to personal mission as the primary emotive driver of my actions, as this is more powerful than my executive dysfunction (because it is immediately gratifying) and gives my autistic pattern-solving weird brain an interesting problem to continually work on to make a kind of sanctuary for people who are trying to solve something similar without adhering to traditional ladders. These are the underlying secret Sri principles that seem to come out in the DS|CAFE anyway.

This is a pretty new thought, so I'm going to be figuring out how this works in practice. The hard one is "never ever work alone" because I'm not sure if what I'm doing is of interest to anyone, but I think being able to use it as my contribution to a "sharing community" will give me a boost in exec function and personal mission, leading to greater productivity.

2023 Planning Pt IV

Media Outreach Goals

I'm thinking that I have to maintain a public voice + platform in 2023, rather than considering it optional. The two channels I'm think of as blogging (particularly 2007-2011) and podcasting (2010-2011), but today I would want to address them differently.

BLOGGING in 2022 transitions away from to, and the new site is addressing the content management problems of Wordpress. It's also serving as a knowledge base that will be the codex to help people understand my belief systems and how they apply to what I and others like me do. I'm not sure how the voice will develop, but the knowledge base element is well underway that will benefit from the software technology focus for this year.

PODCASTING has been dead-ish since 2013 or so as my podcasting partner became less available. I'd like to develop a solo podcast but this is also a problem of "voice" as well as "relatable and reliable topic". The old co-hosted podcast had those two built-in by virtual of how we set it up, but I don't have as much clarity on a solo podcast. So...I think I just need to try things and give it a few years to wander (as I did with my blog) until it finds itself. This is a long-term commitment to discovery that I have to allow to grow much as the way that GHDR itself has grown over 15 years.


Feb 2

Kickoff - Defining the goals for 2023.

Feb 17

Solidifying the Big Picture - I know I'm prone to forgetting my own big plans. Compacting and simplifying them helps me remember?

Mar 3

Mitigating Executive Distraction - I note that two executive function challenges I face is (1) remembering the context and specifics of the GHDR goals set a month ago and (2) managing the energy needed to push through challenges. I hypothesis that executive function is like "battery" and well-regulated emotions are the true power source.

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Oct 10

High-Octane Interactions - Despite positive developments on my contract work, I find myself in "The Cycle of Doom": depression, dysregulation, and disconnection. I consider possible causes in the context of my Autism and ADHD needs and come up with a mitigation plan to address the doom spiral.

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