Example Public Server Policy

Posted Thursday, April 28, 2022 by Sri. Tagged TOPIC
EDITING PHASE:gathering info...

This example was grabbed from a colleague, and rewritten to hide its source while retaining much of its spirit. I think it's a pretty great example.

Policy for Mission-based Community Server

  1. We can’t see or moderate DMs. Use the ignore button.

  2. Users who disrupt the mission of this server's mission will be banned. Second chances are granted on review. There are no third chances. Disruptive behaviors include:

    • spamming
    • evading a ban or ignore
    • posting NSFW content
    • distributing harmful links
    • making sexual/romantic overtures in any channel to anyone, anywhere in the server, including your partner
    • ad-hominem attacks against any person, including people not in the server
    • acts and threats of harm toward any person
    • attempts to harass or force removal of anyone from the server for personal benefit over the server mission
    • any behavior that interferes with our mission to provide [insert succinct mission and member scope statement here]
  3. This server is a hobby project. While we hope you gain some benefit from participating, there is no user service or satisfaction guaranteed, offered or owed.

  4. Stay informed by reading our [server guidelines] and [server announcements] channels.

  5. When in doubt, assume best intentions/lack of maliciousness; seek clarification in a civil manner as you need. If clarification proves your initial doubts correct, be as nice as you can be anyway.

  6. We appreciate users to practice these behaviors:

    • Freely share their knowledge with those who are less experienced.
    • Gently ask beginners if they have RTFM if you know the answer can be found there.
    • Use the Socratic Method to assist beginners to discover their own solutions, but don't be a dick about it.
    • De-escalate rather than escalate when conflict seems to be beginning.
    • Be open to learning something new, no matter who it comes from.
    • Show up with a friendly greeting and greet people in return.